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Susannah is a London based figurative artist who loves colour, vintage toys and all things that tell a story.

Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art and the University of Edinburgh in 2008 she has participated in a number of exhibitions both group and solo and has also undertaken a wide variety of painting and graphic design commissions including: murals, portraits, landscapes, instruction manuals, music album covers, bespoke stationary, greeting cards, wine labels and book illustration. She is also in the process of building a small greeting card business.

Susannah works mainly in oil on canvas and in etching and monoprint. Narrative is central to her practice whether within a still life, landscape or portrait. The mechanics of story-telling have always fascinated her, as has the correlation she sees between the stage and the canvas and how both can be used as platforms for narrative. 

Her aim is to create new worlds within her work in which ideas both familiar and imagined, both seen and felt play out, portrayed by a variety of objects and characters that evoke a sense of wonder and beauty.